Ogner Stump’s Automotive Sorrows by Andrew Goldfarb

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More wonderful sorrows here, although fans of chronological order are sure to be outraged, as the sorrows hop all over the place. I believe that sorrows #46-77 are represented here, although some of them are subtle enough to be practically invisible. Again, without the visuals you’re missing the vast majority of the fun, but a few of the topics are car crashes, mechanics, knee injuries, sunburns, and hostile aliens. Also included in here is a delightful poem about an old woman who kills any guests that come over for a cup of tea and a brief autobiographical tale about a monster that Andrew sees late one night. Everything I’ve seen so far from Andrew has been a visual smorgasboard of creepy goodness, and this one is no exception. Anybody who loves comics and skips these things is doing themselves a disservice.


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