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You know, there really ought to be a law: if you’re only going to put out one or two books a year and if those books are supposed to maintain some kind of a consistent storyline, you really should put some kind of synopsis somewhere in the book. Seriously, it’s a fairly simple thing to do and it would enrich the reading experience immensely. It’s been a long time since I’ve read #6 (even though there’s strangely no review of it, which I’ll fix one of these days), and whatever happened in that one is way past hazy to me. This one is easily the saddest of the Null and Void bunch, as it’s set almost entirely in a hospital, and the bits that aren’t there are getting ready for a funeral. I’d love to recommend this to you, as it’s still a pretty good story about family and dealing with death (even if only in a peripheral fashion), but I just can’t. If you haven’t read the other issues of this series, this probably won’t mean that much to you. Check out some other issues (as I really liked the earlier ones), then this might all make a bit more sense.


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