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Hey look, a self-contained mini comic! Granted, a good number of the ones that use numbers end up being self-contained too, but that's not on purpose. This is all about a young boy who, being unable to sleep, decides to wander around outside for a bit. It's a very short walk, as he is abducted by a giantRobowl in a hurry and taken to, as you can probably guess from the title, the land of the robots. This sets off a series of events, all centered around Nathan trying to get home before his mother wakes up. The robot who ends up helping him seems fairly ambivalent about the whole thing, but he ends up unwittingly getting dragged along on this adventure. Matt has excellent descriptions of the cast of characters at the back of the book, as there isn't much time to learn about them during the journey but they were all unique enough to make me curious. The book looks great (that cover shimmers, if you can't tell from the scan), and the man is clearly very comfortable drawing a wide range of robots. Might I suggest skipping the humans entirely the next time around and going nuts with the robots? Just a thought. There are also no spelling errors or misprints that I could see, and I shouldn't even have to mention that, granted, but I thought the people who do things the right way could use a little encouragement, just like the lazy people who don't care could use a little rage. This is also one of those all-ages stories, as kids could read this as easily as adults. It's probably aimed a bit more towards kids, but it could go either way, depending on your current level of cynicism and/or interest in robots. It's worth a look, and I'm curious to see what else Matt comes up with over the years.


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