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Anybody who reads this site on a regular basis knows that I have the same view of cat comics as that of a stereotypical middle-aged woman: I love them. I start from that position, and unless the comic itself is terrible that's usually where I end up after reading it. Just wanted to make that perfectly clear, in case anybody out there thought I was capable of being professional and objective while reviewing this one. This story (which was apparently done online first, in a page a day type of thing) is about how Satan decides to force people to reborn as pets for their punishment, but all the people rise up and throw him through the pet portal instead. Satan as a cat is, oddly, not much different from many cats I've known and loved. He (although the cat ends up being a sh, much to his chagrin) latches onto the ceiling, barfs his acidic puke on his owner, stabs the guy in the head and is just generally, well, evil. Other stories (not so focused on the cat) include playing Mario to the exclusion of all else, a religious guy stopping by, the owner blowing all his money meant for the vet, and of course the actual trip to the vet. It's a pretty funny collection, all things considered, but the guy still has some serious trouble with spelling. And there's still some minor trouble with the copier, but at least you could eventually figure out what everything was supposed to say this time around. It's worth a look and has some potential as a series, which is all you can ever ask out of these things.


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