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I actually got this in the mail the same day that I begged cartoonists everywhere to make their comics more funny. Strange world, huh? I liked almost everything about this book, and, more importantly, it made me laugh. The only I didn’t like so much was the song about the monkey. Call it monkey overload, I don’t know. Maybe there should be a moratorium of a few years on all monkey-related subjects in the world of comics. Nah… Anyway, it’s a funny book, and he also has a page that’s eerily similar to the comic I did five years ago (about four people would get that reference and they’re probably not reading this), so it gets the “thumbs up”. Stuff he draws about in here include disappearing genitals, songs getting stuck in your head, infomercials and dead squirrels. If you’re not intrigued yet, I give up. It’s only $2, send him an e-mail to see where you can send him some money. It’s worth it.


Price: $2.00

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