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That’s right, two minis stuck together with one of those high tech pieces of tape. What a bargain! The first part of this, Mover User 2, is an old John Lee Hooker song about moving to L.A., breaking up after getting there, being forced to sleep on floors and trying to get through it in one piece. It must be an incredibly powerful song because it really hits you when you just sit down and have it presented as a story like this. Great stuff all by itself, but then you also have Oh, Goodness, one of those random minis that’s mostly about Grant and his girlfriend Kristy. It’s only about six pages long so I don’t want to give anything away, but he deals with horniness, vaginas, sleeping and snuggling. Huh, that makes it sound a lot more erotic than it actually was. Oh well, there are worse things in the world. All in all a pretty solid package.


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