Morning Star #3 by Angelica Busque

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This thing is huge! That scan doesn’t do it justice. It’s magazine sized, at least 40 pages (I’m not counting it) and did I mention huge? Anyway, Angelica got both of her hips replaced last year (she’s 24), and this book is all about before, during and after her hospital stay. To random encounters with doctors and nurses to the wonderful effects of painkillers to all the little walking things we all take for granted, this was her best effort yet. It didn’t get into excruciating detail about anything, it was just an overview of what it would be like to have major surgery done on you at a time in your life when you’re at your most independent. I’m starting to wish that she would tone down the scratchiness of her artwork just a smidge, but maybe that’s ridiculous. Other than that, this is a flawless comic book.


Price: $10.00

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