Mint On Your Pillow #1 by Rebecca Strom

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See? I told you I’d get around to this one sooner or later. Of course, you could probably find dozens of pages on here with some kind of a “I’ll review the rest of this stuff later, I promise” only to find that I’ve never updated it again. But enough about me and my laziness, this is about Rebecca’s other wonderful comic. I’m a sucker for the quiet ones, what can I say, and this one fits the bill. There’s a short story about letter boxing (just go here to find out what’s it about if you’re curious), plenty of stuff about how crappy work is and, boredom and random observations. She has an eye for noticing the simple and true things about the world and her comics are a perfect example of this. This one’s only a buck, I think you should get both of the comics she has available but, if you can only get one, get this one.


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