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If you’re anything like me, tales of the 2004 presidential election can still be a little traumatic. Luckily this story deals only peripherally with that event, instead focusing on the maturation of a young man named Lukas, from his certainty that the world was going to end any minute to deep cynicism, all the way back to a belief that he could possibly make things a little better. The prologue gets most of that out of the way and is crucial to show just why he’s willing to sign up for a fairly ridiculous mission: get 5 million dollars from a front group of a billionaire (with the permission of said billionaire) and pass it along to the Kerry campaign, all while keeping his famous name out of it. This is even harder than it sounds, as all of this money has been cycled through various election front groups and tracking down the actual money is almost impossible. Along the way Lukas finds an old friend named Trevor Alixopulos and gains the trust of the only person left working at the relevant front group, and Trevor (the artist, not the character) throws in a few dream sequences and a “newspaper strip” to keep things humming and give the reader a little more insight into the characters. It’s a wonderfully morally ambiguous tale. Although Lukas knows that his actions will likely have little to no effect on the election, and although he knows that his lack of ruthlessness might well be what keeps the people in charge doing their thing, he’s still trying somewhat hopelessly to make things a little bit better. This is probably the best thing Trevor has done yet (although he has plenty of minis I still haven’t read, so who knows), relevant for our times yet never preachy.


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