Milkbaby #7 by Matthew & Michael Heisler

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The Heisler family must have done something right to produce two kids whose imaginations are this delightfully screwed up. After all, most families are lucky to produce one person who does comics in some way, so kudos to them for that. What’s this comic about? Well, if you take a look at that cover you can see almost everything that goes on in here, except for Rasputin. You have an adorable boy and his friend the elephant who get tricked into selling drugs, an act of sheer heroism, wacky silent hijinx, Detective Barney Miller on the job, and Rasputin, who has been done before in mini comic land, but it’s a great story and it’s always nice to see it done well. This is one of those comics where you can find little things in the backgrounds of the panels when you dig a bit, which is the best kind in my book. As for who does what in the comic, well, they both write and draw their own pieces, and as far as I can tell don’t collaborate directly on stories. At least not in this issue. I was going to say that Matt seems to be the more bizarre of the two, but after flipping through this again I have to say it’s a tie. An interesting collection of stories, worth checking out.


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