Lackluster World #4 by Eric Adams

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You'd never guess from that cover, but this is the issue where everything comes to a head. Fahrenheit is revealed as the vandal, his siblings find out and try to take him out, and two competing mobs (pro and con Fahrenheit) wage a bloody battle in the streets. Nothing Lackluster about this one, I'll tell you what! Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Eric has made a ton of excellent points in these first four issues and I get the impression that they're going to gel nicely as a graphic novel. The virtual reality bits from #3, the barely controlled chaos of this issue, all combined with setting everybody up for a fall in the first two issues. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the multiple cliffhangers at the end of this one, or the prospect of the siblings meeting each other again in prison. Uh-oh, I may have said too much. Luckily I got #5 at SPACE also, so it won't be a mystery to me for very long. As for you, this series has been a blast so far, so I'm not entirely sure what you're waiting for.


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