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What's the first thing you think of when you see that cover? For me, I figured this would be a gothic comic of some type, probably about vampires or other bloody, silly things. Nope, it's all about a man named Fahrenheit and his disgust with the world and most everyone in it. In this issue (the first of a projected seven or eight part mini series), Fahrenheit gets talked into a birthday party with his siblings who, believe it or not, are named Kelvin and Celsius. At the party they try to talk him into accepting Jesus as his savior (which apparently happens a lot) and he runs into some drunken co-workers, who make fun of him for a bit before wandering off. Oh, did I mention that he's an albino? Look, comics where the main character thinks he/she is a whole lot better than the rest of the world are a dime a dozen in the small press comics world, and it's hard to say from one issue whether this comic will just be another addition to the pile or something that really stands out. I was fearing for the worst before a genuinely intriguing ending, but it's still tough to say where this is all going to lead. It's enough to keep me interested in a future issue or two, which is all a first issue of a series really has to do.


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