Kitty Litter #6 by Ryan Holgersen & Nathan Brewer

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While I wasn’t looking Kitty Litter turned into a thrice weekly web comic, so if you’re looking for more from these two you can get new stuff for free at that link way up at the top of the page. Personally, I prefer the longer stories to the strips, as there’s more opportunities for mayhem with the longer format, although they do seem to be able to cram a lot into the one to six panel format too. I do like that fact: it’s not just a set number of panels every time, they do seem to wander around with that. In here you have strips about lazy ninjas, hair on fire, lots and lots of dead people (moving and not), vampire bites, pooping in shoes, and zombie chipmunks. If you still need convincing that it’s worth checking out after that list, along with the fact that it’s a measly dollar, I can’t help you.


Price: $1.00

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