Kitty Litter #2 by Ryan Holgersen & Nathan Brewer

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Getting a new comic from these two pretty much always makes my week, so you can imagine my elation at seeing TWO new books. The other one will be up here later, of course, but how about this one? Well, have you ever wondered what would happen if your cat got really bored one day while you were at work and decided to make a machine that produced robots to take care of every single thing in your life? Of course you have, we all have. Well, Ryan and Nathan decided to let us all live that dream for the span of this short mini. You’ve probably already guessed that things didn’t end well with the robots, but I’ll say no more to avoid ruining the finer points of the story. And, as a little bonus, there’s a terrifically gruesome little anecdote in the back of the book about nature. Sort of.


Price: $1.00

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