Jeffrey J. Manley’s Tour Guide of Joplin, Wyoming

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There’s not a whole lot to be said for your average graphic novel preview, as it’s only going to be a tiny fraction of the story. This one is about Miner’s girlfriend accepting the wrath of her parents and staying out late with him, Miner’s new haircut and his girlfriend’s reaction to it, and the neighbor’s reaction to Miner’s penis. It did look good and I’m intrigued by the thought of a huge book with these characters, so I guess the preview did a good job. If I can make one request though: PLEASE get an editor for a graphic novel. Have a couple of friends read it or something, just to get rid of the obvious spelling mistakes if nothing else, “truely”. Although I seem to remember him saying that he did that on purpose, I’m pretty sure most other people don’t get the joke and it just doesn’t look good. It’s $1 and it has me wondering. And, as the book won’t come out for another year or so, this might be the only look you get at his stuff for another year.


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