III: About Yr Future by Eve Englezos & Joshua Moutray

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OK fine, I can’t stall any more, I have to read the last of the comics from these giants of men (and women, although I meant “men” in the “mankind” sense, although some people take offense to that, so…). I’m not seeing anything new at their website either, other than some anthologies, which is a damned shame. Everybody who has read this site and/or these comics (and really, why would you read this site without giving at least one of these books a chance?) knows the general format of these books, so I’ll skip over that. Topics include the general awesomeness of Star Trek fans, the maid from the Jetsons, Mad Max vs. Power Rangers, Alphabot, and the single creepiest panel I may have ever seen in comics. OK, probably not ever, as I’m sure there are plenty I’m blocking out for the sake of my sanity, but a woman baby-talking to her cat about how she’s going to turn her paws into earrings when the cat dies had me almost snort the water I was drinking, vaudeville style. Kudos to the both of them for that. No more comics from these two, which means everybody reading this should buy all their books (from them as well as me) to convince them to make a whole bunch of comics again. Think of it as your civic duty to keep the quality books coming.


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