II: No Time Like the Present by Eve Englezos & Joshua Moutray

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I’m going to assume that everybody out there is up to date about these wonderful people (or wonderfully creative people anyway, for all I know they’re both assholes (but I doubt it)) and their thoroughly unique take on comics and leave it at that. If you’re not, scroll around the page, that’s why I keep all these rambles up at all times, even when I read them years later and am horribly embarrassed by some remarkably stupid thing that I’ve said. This is the second part of their series for poor people, a sort of drug dealerish effort to get people hooked in with a cheap taste of their take on various stupid and ridiculous people taken in a snapshot piece of text describing that moment in their lives. Topics this time include crippled royalty, a Hitler moustache, a pickup gimmick, kids liking cake, awesomeness, office humor, pagans, and a musical interlude. Look, if you can look around at all these samples and not find anything funny, feel free to avoid these books. If you’re like most other people with a sense of humor, pick these up already, they’ve been up on this page for years now.


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