I Walk With My Wife In The Evening by Christopher Davis

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What a gorgeous, gorgeous book. Oops, I gave away my opinion right off the bat. This is the story of a walk between a man and his wife, with them just walking and talking, with the man (I’m guessing it’s Christopher) meandering off mentally into a daydream after seeing a lone, odd cloud. He drifts back to an old news show he saw where they were talking about what would happen if somebody released a dangerous chemical into the air. How would the people react, would it just be calm acceptance or panic, etc. He also goes into detail about a book he read in high school detailing the remaining survivors of the world after half of it is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust and how they calmly wait for the cloud to come and kill them all. Is that On The Beach maybe? Sure seems familiar to me. Anyway, the story is engrossing, but it’s the art that takes this to another level. The attention to the tiniest details in every page is impressive, and yet it somehow comes across with the same feeling as his casual walk through a neighborhood. Not sure if that makes any sense at all, but trust me on this one. Just an all around great mini; it’s comics like this that make me want to keep doing this website forever.


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