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Well, at least the price is appropriate. Don't get me wrong, this comic has more than a few fun moments and I actually thought the coloring looked good. The trouble is that (with the odd exception of the page I sampled) most of the text looked like he filled it in on the way to Kinko's. Words are way outside the bubbles, errors have just been scratched out, you can even see him scratching out a letter on the cover! I'll never understand why people who spend so much time on the art (and in this case color) can't spend an extra half hour or so to make sure the simple things work. OK soapbox, you can leave the room now. The story is a simple 6 page thing which involves the gang, of course, going trick or treating. They threaten a neighbor, Hoju runs into an evil clown and a good time is generally had by all. I probably shouldn't be so hard on him, as this is from 2002, but it's such an easy fix: make the word balloons bigger. Ta-da! Still, it's not bad for the price and kudos to him for coloring this thing. In other words, if you like his other stuff, splurge a little and get this. If not, try some of his more recent work first.


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