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Does it make any sense at all to review a comic made in 2002 as my first book of 2010? I'd have a hard time justifying it, if I had anybody to justify it to. Luckily it's a dictatorship around here and I don't like having theseunreviewed comics sitting around. I reviewed #4 and 5 before #3, keeping with my usual higgledy-piggledy style, and the good news is that they worked a lot of bugs out for those two issues. The bad news is that those bugs are mostly still present here. This is a giant newspaper of a comic (in size, but there are only 12 big pages), so no samples from me. Stories in here include serenity during a plane crash, the struggle to find a clean toilet in the men's room, the hilarity of a piano falling out of the sky and the new erotic doll series (by KarlKressbach ); the last straw in regards to men and another funny horoscope (by Lydia Gregg); and accepting the dullness of life, an alcoholic's take on the rabbit and the hare, Truckhead' s troubles with women and how to quit smoking (by Nate Neal). Ben Carrico has a series of text pieces as well, but those are so horribly dated that it seems unfair to even comment on them. After all, we must have all our terrorism and civil liberties problems worked out by now, right? Anyway, I prefer the later, more comic-heavy issues to this one, but your mileage may vary, or maybe you just want to see some of these artists in their early years.


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