Gabagool #4 by Mike Dawson & Chris Radtke

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Holy crap! It’s a regular comic! Where the heck did they get the money to publish this? Anyway, more power to them, and it’s a deserved jump, as this series just keeps getting better. I think it’s up to $3 this time, if you were wondering. Chris gets laid off but gets a huge severance check, then hears about a great beach where there’s a lot of action easily had, and hilarity ensues. Or at least it probably does next issue, because it’s “to be continued”. Then there’s a fantastic story about a bunch of the guys sitting around and playing Dungeons and Dragons with the characters saying the lines that the players are saying. Top it all off with another Cousin Lenny rant (although it sounds like he might be going soft. Where’s the rage?) and it’s another solid effort. They seem to be able to keep to a schedule, which is key in comics like this, and they’ve managed to keep it funny every time so far. Check it out, support their self-publishing endeavor.


Price: $3.00

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