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Anybody out there with writer's block? Is that even the right term for somebody who is creatively blocked from making new comic characters? Anyway, if you have whatever the right term for that is, you should maybe look at this book. The title sums it up pretty well: start with a scribble, and try not to have any preconceived notions about it. Make it a genuine doodle. Then take a minute to examine the doodle and see what you can some up with out of it. This comic contains Brad's first attempt at this and the second mini comic he put out on this theme. The first shows Brad's attempts of making art out of doodles. Some of them are more impressive than others, naturally, but there are some seriously impressive images in here. The second section includes doodles and their results by Jamie Adler, Bob Conway, John Cosgriff, John Howard, Dave Miller, Reg Platt, Roldo, Jim Ryan, Dan W. Taylor, Edd Vick and Keith Woods. Don't be alarmed if you've never heard of some of those names, as this book was first released in 1994. Different perspectives added a lot to the experience, as Jim Ryan named all the characters he created and Reg Platt put together a Sherlock Holmes story from his characters. Brad points out that a few of the doodles in the second half are cheaters, but hey, why not? Nobody is keeping score and the whole point of the exercise is a new outlet to express creativity. It's an interesting project that some of you creative types should maybe try if your current output it mostly theoretical.


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