Fear of Triangles by Nik Havert, Jimmy Proctor & Bill Wilkison

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In case you were wondering, yes, that odd cover does sum up the contents pretty well. This is the story of a man who hates triangles (seen on the cover trying to kill himself) and how he runs into Sasquatch right before his first suicide attempt. The gun goes off accidentally, he scares off Sasquatch (who can talk, oddly enough) and ends up getting arrested for public drunkenness. This is a persistently depressed man, and he tries to kill himself a few more times, but is stopped by Sasquatch each time. I shouldn't give a whole lot more away, but I think the fact that he doesn't successfully kill himself is fairly obvious. Or it isn't and I just ruined this. Sorry. Anyway, his hatred of triangles seems a little petty and ridiculous, but it had to be hard to come up with a way to justify that excellent title. Frankly, one of the more interesting bits came in the afterward, in which talks about how this comic was basically a test to establish a character (Frank, not the Sasquatch) that could be used in a later comic that they put together. In that case they got off to a good start, and there's still more than enough mayhem to make this a solid comic in it's own right. It's worth a look for lovers of Sasquatch and irrational haters of triangles.


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