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Have you recently been asking yourself the question, "Why aren't there more mini comics entirely in German?" If so, you're in luck. This is an unreviewable comic from Tom, with a bit of text by Robert Scott (after Lewis Carroll, and no, I'm not entirely sure what that means either) made into a comic. As all the text is in another language, I can't help at all on that aspect of the story. I can still see the art though, so why don't I make something up to make it seem like I understood what was going on? Let's see, there's creepy worms, a flower, a big old tyrant, a fantastical device, an armed struggle, and... aw, I can't go on. I have no idea what was happening here. If you like your comics baffling, I can't recommend this one highly enough. If you prefer being able to read your comics, might I suggest something else from this page?


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