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These guys seem to do a lot of creative exercises with their work, which is a great idea, but it makes it a bit tough to write about. For example, for this one they simply decided to draw a hundred demons each, one per day, and then put out a book filled with their best efforts. They go to great lengths to say where their influences for that particular demon came from, or whether or not it came from anything conscious at all. Sometimes they would have a very clear idea in mind and other times they would just put the pen to paper, start drawing and hope for the best. This ends up being a very diverse collection, with influences ranging from Dore to James Kochalka, with all kinds of unique and fascinating creatures. Of course, if you’re looking for a cohesive story this isn’t the place to go, but there’s a lot more info here than your average sketchbook and more artists should follow their lead and try some of these experiments they’ve come up with.


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