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Of all the six issues of Debacle, this one most closely lives up to the title. What I'm trying to say is that it's a mess. Fine, it being a Barry Rodges work and all, there are some good points. Those would be Nonpedal (a short story about kids making fun of a boy with stumps for feet) and the strip about how great winter is because everybody wears socks. Fonetik Funnees, however, has officially worn me down. The strip about the three-eyed boy with a stick for a body being abducted by aliens was mildly intriguing, but Barry got tired of it towards the end and stopped it abruptly. Ditto for the story about the man who wakes up as a bunny rabbit and has to challenge Death to a game to become human. The rest of it was just sort of present, not doing much for me one way or the other. It has to be pointed out that feel more than a little bit ridiculous for criticizing the man for work that is 8 years old when he's done far better comics since, but hey, as they're still available to buy, I do have an obligation to be honest about it, right? There's plenty of other stuff on this page that is well worth your time, including other issues of this series, and this issue isn't bad enough to "ruin" your purchase of the whole set. I just wouldn't pick it up all by itself and hope to get an accurate representation of what this man is capable of.


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