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It’s been “time capsule” month around the old Sloth, as I’m killing time until SPACE by filling in holes in the online store. It turns out that this has been a good thing, as there are plenty more holes than I thought when I started all this. Barry sent this collection of books along probably in 2005 (it’s 2009 now, future readers), and I only managed to review two books in this series? Shameful. There are three comics in this one, and two of them, if I were a lazier man, could be summed up with “I don’t get it”. First up is Pencil & Me, the story of a pencil and an, um, round-headed thing, as they decide to dress up and pretend to be beating each other up in various places. They do this until a bystander gets the drop on them and teaches them a valuable lesson. I’m telling the whole story here (or at least most of it) because things breaks down a bit after that. Fonetik Funnees is just what it sounds like, a strip told phonetically, and I hate to admit this but I JUST got the punchline as I looked at it again. OK, it’s funny, and it was amusing to see everything spelled out phonetically for a one page strip. Any longer than that and I probably would have gotten a headache. Last up is Gunter and Tad, as we follow two creatures shopping and using what seems like random words in odd places to carry their conversation. I like to think I know a variety of big words, but Barry stumped me on this one. I’m probably just missing this point, and that certainly wouldn’t be the first time. So all in all this issue is just OK. Lucky for Barry and the rest of the comics reading world that he got significantly better after this, as you can tell from checking out reviews for his other, more recent work. This whole series is still worth checking out if you like his stuff, but if you just need an introduction you might want to start further down the page and work your way up.


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