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It's way past time that I finish filling in the holes on this page, so #1 finally gets a review. Yes, I am aware that I'm the only person who even notices these sorts of things. This issue is, as you might have imagined, pretty raw. You can see some of Barry's unique skills, but he clearly hadn't put it all together yet. First up is a conversation between two armless things, but if I say anything about it I ruin the punchline. Which makes no sense, but hey, I'm firmly against ruining things whenever possible. Next up is floss, a story about two lonely musicians and what they can do when they get together. From here it gets downright autobiographical, as Barry describes a man who always makes fun of his (Barry's) beard and then has the sampled strip about Renee French. A bit dated at this point, but he's probably still right. Finally there's a short two page strip with a very large head and a very tiny gun, of which I will say no more. Like I've said, his best stuff is yet to come at this stage, but there are still enough nuggets in these minis to make them worth checking out.


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