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This is the sort of book that describes any sort of easy analysis, so if you're not a fan of me hemming and hawing for a chunk of text, it might be best to move onto something else (after you've at least checked out the sample, of course). This is a 4 panel strip that David does weekly, and he admits in the afterward that he has no clear plan for the strip in the long term, it's just something he does to see what kind of comic he can get done in a week. As such, the subjects are all over the place, with the strip I sampled belowone of the few examples with what you'd call a punchline, because that's the mood I'm in today. Other strips deal with utter abstractions that are impossible to summarize, or at least damned difficult, without draining all the joy out of them. OK fine, subjects in here include a man's first suit, being too attached to things, a rock-thrower, freedom to draw, a dead body, an abandoned boat and, of course, vapors. I feel like you probably understand this book less now than when I started, so let me make this easy on you. You can find a pile of these strips right here and read a bunch for yourself. I applaud what he's doing, just wandering around and seeing what he comes up with (while still keeping in the four panel format, at least so far). Maybe some of his other stuff is more "accessible", whatever that means, but this one deserves support, and I'm curious to see where he wanders off to.


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