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So does it take two comics to establish a pattern with a comics creator or is it three? I can never remember. I guess you could say that if somebody has two really great comics that they just lucked out twice (although that’s incredibly pessimistic), but once it gets to three great ones they’re “in” and you can expect nothing but great things from them in the future. Well, John is 2/3 of the way there then. I’m mostly just defining it as such so I can avoid my usual gushing once somebody puts out two unique comics, this isn’t meant as an indictment of his work by any means. There are two stories in this one. The first is the story of an older man who gradually loses touch with reality. This is an incredible piece of work, down to the little touches of him sharing a quiet moment with his daughter before losing his grip completely and the constant smudgy shadowing. Next up is a few two-pagers about Jason (from the Friday the 13th movies) having some quiet moments at the lake. How he pulled off this much of a range of expression in a character wearing a hockey mask is beyond me, but there’s a genuine sadness in watching this brutal fictional killer dropping rocks in a lake and being unable to sleep at night. John is definitely somebody to keep an eye on, at least until he reaches his third great issue, then you just know that the rest of them are going to be great.


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