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You know why I have such a hard time reviewing comics that are mostly illustrated poems? Because I don’t know what I’m talking about, and my ideas for the meanings behind the poetry are pretty much complete nonsense. How that differentiates from my regular reviews is something I’ll leave to you to figure out, but I wanted to throw that out there before I proceeded to ramble about this one. It’s a poem for a woman named Heidi (wife, girlfriend, former lover, grocery clerk, we don’t know) asking her to take a chance with him, but as it goes on it becomes clear that he’s not so sure he’s not the one getting in over his head. Or so it appeared to me, and as for that, please see above. It has great art and some nice imagery, particularly his desire to explore everything about her in a spiritual way, you perverts. The e-mail address is up there, it’s worth a look if you’re more into the poetry than I am, or quite possibly even if you’re not.


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