Chromosome Crossroads #1 by Karl Kressbach

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This whole “draft” business deserves a bit of an explanation. The second draft is a redrawn version of the first, with the impressive color cover that you see above. It’s a pretty noticeable improvement, although frankly I’ve always been a bigger fan of letting older work stand as is and putting effort into making future work better. The first draft is the same story, with a few pages different here and there, but it doesn’t look as good. So I guess if you’re a cheapskate you can go ahead and get the older version, if you’re looking for the best possible edition of this comic you can get the second draft, and if you’re a comic scholar you can get both versions to compare and contrast. Everything clear now? Update: Karl says that he redrew it because he has a much longer story in mind, in case you were wondering.


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