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Sorry about that fuzzy cover image. I was going to remove the buttons (and did I mention that each issue comes with those buttons?) and scan the regular cover, but that man did some serious stapling, so I left it alone. Everybody reading this gets the basic idea that humor is subjective, right? What's funny for me is not necessarily funny for thee? OK, good, because this book was almost completely unfunny. The vampire bits in particular were painfully bad, even worse because they're puns seen coming a mile away (in the landscape of the four panel joke strip). The Zeek strips were a little better, but most of this stuff has already been published in his other books. I guess this was just an attempt to sell the buttons with a sampler of his work, which is an OK idea but would have been better if he'd gone with some of the funnier stuff. If you love his stuff and really want these buttons, I'd say this is worth getting. If you're just looking to find out who this guy is and what he's all about, scan around this page for a cheaper sampler platter. And just so there's something positive here, as I do appreciate the work Brian has put in over the years (he was one of the first random submissions I got, way back in the day): I do like the buttons.


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