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Yes, this is a sketchbook. It's not like it's a secret or anything, Pat mentions the fact right there on the cover. Generally speaking sketchbooks don't do much for me one way or the other, and they're damn near impossible to review, what with not having a real story and all. This is a collection of, oddly enough, broads and monsters, with the occasional broad/monster hybrid mixed in. Most of the sketches are fully formed images with a few naked women thrown in, and it's not like you weren't wondering about that, you pervert you. There is one story in here, Pat's version of the Bloody Mary myth that adolescent girls always seemed to try out. You know, the one where you say Bloody Mary X number of times into a mirror and a monster her face ripped off jumped out of the mirror and ripped your face off too. So, it's up to you. Is a cute story, a chunk of sketches and your general love for the rest of Pat's work enough to pick up a sketchbook? He is quite good with the rest of his books, you know, and the man sure can draw. Oh, and he also uses this as a chance to plug his hardcover graphic novel called The Claws Come Out, so I suppose you could always go straight for that.


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