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I'm taking a guess on whether "Blue Fuzz" is one word or two, but as it looks weird all lumped together I'm going with two. Another fascinating glimpse into the things I actually think about! This, clearly, is the story of Blue Fuzz, who just so happens to be a hero. He fights evil, or perhaps people who spill his beer, but things start to go wrong for him when he overhears some people badmouthing the king. Blue Fuzz, being a hero and also being unfamiliar with general griping, kills the king, and this gets him in all kinds of trouble. He chased out of town by an angry mob, has a chat with a fire he builds (the fire goes on to tell him the history of how people first got fire), descends deep into a mountain and has all kinds of adventures, cross-dresses (but for a very noble reason), tries to figure out a decent gift for the old gods and eventually lives happily ever afterish. I'm OK with spilling this large amount of beans because it really doesn't matter. The joy in reading this comes from Jesse's offhanded descriptions of the heroics, the full page color illustrations before and after each "chapter" (the look on his face as he stabs the king in full color is worth the price of admission) and the general awesomeness of the comic. Yeah, it's a cheat for any reviewer to just say that a comic is great, but screw it, this comic is great. Fantastic and wonderful even. Not a bad piece or illustration in here is what I mean, and the writing is perfect for these little adventures. Buy it already!


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