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If you're going to do an anime series, it's only a matter of time before you get to the part about the smaller robots forming into a giant robot body. Kids, ask your parents (unless they still make Voltron and similar things, I have no idea). This issue is theoretically dedicated to Maribelle Mellonbelly (the richest and most popular girl in school), as she tries to find out more about her newest crush, Hakata Soy. Regular readers of this series will remember Hakata from the last issue, and this time his role as the head of a giant robot is examined in more detail. Another girl tells Maribelle the story of how Hakata (along with his other buddies in robots) saved her village and all of the bunny people inside of it by fighting off an evil group of invading bird people. Once again the dialogue is absolutely perfect, and meant to be said out loud with an exclamation point! If you've never seen anime that won't make a lick of sense, but trust me on this one. If feels like Teen Boat got most of the love on this page, but this series is fantastic, and going back and reading the early issues has helped drive that point home. Get these in their collected editions or get them in the regular issues, but the important thing is to get them. Unless you hate anime, but even then (as I'm not a big fan) there's plenty to like about this series.


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