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The reviews start with #3 for this series? Really? Somebody needs to talk to management about this lack of order around here. Well, this is the first (long overdue) step to correcting that problem. This issue introduces some characters that we all know and love from the rest of the series There's Miyumi San (trying to avoid the attentions of a boy who thinks he's hot stuff with any male who's in the vicinity), Hakata Soy (getting used to school while dreaming of his true calling in the head of a giant robot), and Doug Hiro (enjoying the vastness of space). Miyumi is the star of this issue, as she also gets another story dealing with her dinosaur driving lessons and her race against the jerky rich girl. All of this is told in the style of an anime cartoon, of course, so the dialogue is hilarious, exclamations are common and nothing outrageous is ever seen an anything but completely normal. That dialogue really deserves all the praise I can give it, as you can say damned near anything in this out loud and chuckle. For example, when Miyumi is picking out a dinosaur for the race, one dinosaur licks her face. Miyumi says "He he - You must be smart because you knew I'd taste good! That makes us friends!" Is that what makes the panel great, or is her giant thumbs up sign, her anime eyes of that huge grin? Maybe it's all the things put together, which is why comics are so great. I'm sticking with that theory.


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