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Barry’s taking a bit of a break from the Toxic series, although fans of his stuff will notice some familiar themes in this one. It’s all about Nikki, a former lover/stripper for Satan who, after he tosses her aside, decides to stir up a revolution in hell, picking up a few of the more disgruntled demons along the way. This is mostly setting the stage for things to come, establishing a few characters, setting up motivations, you know, all the things you need for a good continuing series. The group knows of a sword that can apparently kill Satan, but they have to go through seven levels of demons to get it. It’s intriguing, and that’s the great thing about a first issue: there’s nothing but promise here. It could end up being great, or not, or it could end up being one of the countless series that are dropped by a creator and never picked up again. All that remains to be seen, but I liked this one just fine.


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