Act of Contrition by Nik Havert, Craig DeBoard & Wes Sweetser

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The Pickle Press empire keeps wandering off in different directions, and that’s fine with me. This time out Nik has the story of a mystery involving a wide cast of characters, with the only thing that they seem to have in common being the local priest. The main thing needed to keep a story like this entertaining is suspense, and it did take about half of the comic for me to figure out for sure where this was headed. Take that as a measuring stick, I suppose. If you feel that you’re required to be fooled until the end of the book, you’ll go away disappointed. Or maybe I’m just the smartest man alive, who knows? The story begins with a man in a confessional, always a good way to go, telling a priest that he’s killed someone. The rest of the book is a flashback to the actual story, starting with a dead young woman, a crazy old woman who sees people in her bushes, a boyfriend who may or may not have had anything to do with the young woman’s death, and a priest who’s dealt with them all. Great dialogue pretty much the whole way through here, and those fat black shadows were perfect for the theme. Worth a look if you like the murder mystery/suspense type of stories.


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