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I'll say one thing for Pat: I don't think I've ever seen him at a SPACE without at least one new book available. The fact that they're all pretty much excellent books doesn't hurt a thing. This is the story of two aliens who make a bet, as one thinks that our planet will last longer than ten years before destroying itself, the other thinks it won't be that long. The "defender" of the Earth, in an attempt to win his bet, assembles a team of heroes based on alphabetical order, and their abilities consist of being able to function on 4 hours' sleep, an affinity for burning things, a former forensics expert and a dog given an alien chip to allow it to speak. As you can see, only one of those things is all that useful, which makes for one awkward superhero team. In their first test a giant robot is set loose on their town and they have to figure out how to stop it. It's assumed that the robot is set loose by the alien who wants the planet to end before the ten years are up, but that's never confirmed in this issue. I love the fact that there's no grand plan here. The aliens either want the planet to live or die based on the equivalent of $3.96 but have no malicious or benevolent intent, and the humans (and dog) pick up the hero gig mostly because none of them have anything better to do. Funny stuff, and well worth a look.


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