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How can something be in my store for almost three years without my reading it? However it happened, there’s some fun to had here in this giant sized “mini” comic. First up is a movie review duo, dubbed 40/40, as the reviewers drink 40’s and review movies. Kids, ask your parents what that means, if your parents only drink the cheap stuff. The reviewers are a regular old black man and another man who dresses and speaks like Yoda, apparently all the time. They go into it about The Phantom Menace, with the guy dressed as Yoda (Frank) defending the movie and the other reviewer (Lavar) crapping all over it. “Too many puppets” indeed. Next up is the story of a watching people, women and men, from their balcony, giving them all nicknames based after snacks. It’s funnier than it sounds, but it does drag on a bit. Then there’s the highlight of the comic, the “true life” story of Gojeera, a monster who had his moments in the limelight before eventually falling into drugs and porn. There’s some seriously funny stuff in that one, worth the price of admission alone. All told it’s a pretty solid comic by Stan and Kieran. Maybe not as consistently funny as The Wang, but still worth a look.


Price: $2.95

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