Henderson, Sam – The Magic Whistle Blows


The Magic Whistle Blows

Apparently, in one of the great crimes against humanity, this is the only volume of Sam’s work that is currently available. I’ll look around more and try to bring more of these to you, don’t worry. Listen, there are a few things I read when I’m really down. The Milk and Cheese Collection or some of the issues of Dork from Evan Dorkin, some of James Kochalka’s stuff, and anything by Sam Henderson. He has three collections out that I know of, but I already have most of the stuff in them in various mini comics. It doesn’t matter because these books always have at least a few new stories in them from other publications, and anything new from him is a treat. Stupid, stupid, humor that is, naturally, the best kind. This is going to get a longer review later, don’t you worry. For now, if you like laughing, you’ll love this book. If your soul is too dark and empty for laughter, well, buy this book, give it to a friend and have them explain to you why it’s funny.

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