Havasy, Joe – Misanthropic Cavalcade #1


Misanthropic Cavalcade #1

What a great title for a collection of mostly one page strips. These were all apparently in a local (to Athens GA, that is) paper called Flagpole, but I don’t live in Athens, so they’re mostly new to me. In here you have the dangers of leaving a baby unattended outdoors, starving, paleo-boxing, Santa vs. an airplane, rabbit hunting, a bad break-up, fascinating facts about Joe, and a discussion about thresher sharks. Good stuff all around, as “good stuff” for page long strips mostly means to me that I laughed out loud a few times during the reading of the comic, so this definitely passes that test. Also it was tough to pick just one sample, which is another good sign. Its’ $2, here’s his website, which has more comics of his for you to read, if you need more convincing, or maybe just want to spend some time at work laughing.

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