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Eleanor E. Is Home

I’m almost more excited about this website I just learned about than I am about this comic (not that there’s anything wrong with the comic, but more on that in a minute): The Holy Consumption of Chicago. It has new comics every Sunday from four different people. either Andres Nilsen, John Hankiewicz, Paul Hornschemeier or Jeffrey Brown. Check out the site, it has quite a backlog of comics already. As for this one, the main part of the comic is going to be in the next issue of Tepid in a longer form. So far it seems very… coherent for a comic from John. Odd that that sentence could be seen as a negative comment at all and, granted, there’s a lot of story yet to come, that was just my initial impression. The two shorter pieces, You Or I and Miller School didn’t suffer from that, with the latter story actually using a rubber stamper for a legitimate reason in a comic. Wonderfully surreal and interesting stuff, as always, and the art gets better every time. That’s not to say that I don’t already love his art, which is what makes it even scarier that his art keeps getting better. Send him a buck and check it out, or at least go to that website up there and check out comics from all of those great artists.

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