Griffin, Erin – Cavities Comix Presents: Tales From the Tart 1992-2008


Cavities Comix Presents: Tales From the Tart 1992-2008

Yeah, I gave away the secret inner title.  Spoiler alert!  This is an absolutely wonderful comic detailing the dating life of Erin, starting with her in fourth grade in 1992 all the way up to modern day.  And, to give you another spoiler, it does seem to have a happy ending, at least at the moment.  In between she takes a few pages each on everybody who she dated or wanted to date, including people in her experimental phase at college and people where it didn’t seem to work out for even a little bit.  She’s refreshingly honest in her break-up pages, telling them exactly why it’s not working out and why she’s moving on.  Who knows if that’s what she actually said at the time, and who cares if she didn’t?  There’s something in here for everyone who’s ever been dumped and for everyone who has done the dumping.  It’s really amazing that she manages to accomplish all this without ever getting graphic or too personal with the people involved.  In the end, this is practically as much of an “all ages” book than the one listed below, although with an entirely different subject matter.  No price listed but it’s probably about $3, and it comes with a nice little bow that also serves as the binding for the book.

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