Gray, Douglas – Old School Funnies #1


Old School Funnies #1 Now Available! $2.50

Ah well, I don’t see Frankenstein here, so I’m obviously not going to like this one as much as the last one. It’s still a fun little comic, don’t get me wrong. This is basically a comic of the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, right down to the bit where one of the main characters pretends to be a mirror image of the bad guy to get him off his case. There’s a dog and a cat, see, and they both decide to take a job being a watchdog at a butcher’s shop. They are warned not to let anything bad happen OR ELSE, so of course as soon as the butcher leaves a couple of mice AND some huge dogs separately decide to rob the place blind. Hilarity ensues, or at least mild amusement, but then, I didn’t like the Tom and Jerry cartoons much after I hit my teens. Still a fun book, like I said, but you should check out the other one first if you want to see what Doug is capable of.

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