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Better Looking Than A Blog

You know, it ruins all the fun for me when somebody says right in their intro that their book has a few good moments but that’s about it. In this case he’s not nearly giving himself enough credit, but when they’re right I invariably feel like a doofus for pointing it out when they’ve just admitted it. This is a journal comic, and if that automatically sends a few of you screaming off of this page, so be it. Shawn decided that he needed more structure in his drawing schedule and if everybody else was doing it, why not him? His dedication is impressive, as I don’t think he missed a day for the first 3 months of 2007, or if he did he went back and did a strip for that day later. It’s not all formulaic either, as it’s mostly a three panel strip, but he’s not afraid to let it air out for several more panels of varying shapes and sizes if he has
a longer story to tell. Mostly this is full of stories about biking, being a vegetarian (but not in a preachy way, just pointing out meals and good places to eat), partying here and there, and everything else
you’d write about in a daily journal. For you biking aficionados out there, this goes into pretty serious detail about various biking events, zines and things that happened while biking. My eyes glazed over a bit
for those parts, but I’ll bet it’s fascinating to some people. All in all it’s a pretty solid journal comic, with a promise from Shawn about more “real” comics coming soon. It’s been a while since he’s put out a
comic, so huzzah for that news. Oh, and this is a hefty book for the cheap price tag of $2. Took me just under an hour to get through.
Shawn also bemoans the death of actual mail, so If anybody wants to check out his stuff, why not just send him a letter for it? I think that, rather than an e-mail, would make his day…

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