Gonzalez, Jenny – Too Negative #12



Too Negative #12

Ah, love.  It’s all over this comic.  Well, that or lust, or reasons for or against love/lust.  The bulk of the comic deals with Killbaby trying to have sex with somebody, first Akie (a fallen angel with mysterious genitalia) then Aaron Amoeba, as Aaron has the ability to change between male and female.  The trouble is that Aaron is a chubby chaser, which leads Killbaby to some rushed, inadvisable lifestyle choices to fill that role.  Then there’s one of the better titles you’ll see for a story: You’re Ugly and You’ll Die Alone.  It’s only a couple of pages but it’s packed with absolutely useless advice for how to get and then keep a boyfriend.  Hint: if they’re not stalking you, they don’t like you.  This still leaves the short pieces, which I can’t into much without ruining them, but they deal with a Mormon vampire (willing to bite but not have sex until marriage), a Pac-Man diet plan, $1.25 per baby and the benefits of cutting your heart out.  As someone who hates happy endings I always look forward to this series.  I can always count on some hilarious despair and disastrously bad advice being followed.  $1


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