Genco, Elizabeth – Weird Sister


Weird Sister

Anthology time! Well, sort of. Is it still considered an anthology if different artists do each story but they all have the same writer and focus on two central characters? Actually, probably not. This is the story of a witch (more or less) and her eventual familiar, the ghost of a dead dog. Sort of Tales From The Cryptish (again that comparison, sorry), but with a witch calling on the gods for help and Elizabeth using Tarot cards to help her plot a few things out. The first story (art by Adam Boorman) is about said dog, who the witch discovers while he’s about to be killed by a gang of thugs for not being a good enough guard dog. The second (drawn by Dash Shaw) deals with the witch catching a man about to drown a young girl who can see his thoughts and has told him how he’s going to die. Finally, the third story (drawn by Jeff Zornow) has the witch running across a young girl who’s in a graveyard, mourning the loss of her junkie/drunk boyfriend, or at least mourning that loss until he rises from his grave. There are also a few sketches in back by Leland Purvis and Brian Wood, so maybe it is an anthology after all. It’s a pretty entertaining pile o’ stories, and I even learned a bit of the basics about witches and Tarot, although not much more than I already learned from watching Buffy. Still, it was interesting to see how lonely life was for the witch and how she still felt compelled to help people and animals. Worth checking out if you’re into this sort of thing, or I guess avoiding if you hate everything related to witchcraft, you model Christian citizen you… $4.95

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