Froh, Kelly – The Cheapest S.O.B.’s


The Cheapest S.O.B.’s Now Available! $1

I’d have a hard time listing all the reasons I still read comics, a general sense of masochism having to be one of them, or at least it feels like that on days or weeks when there’s nothing good to be read. But then there are times like this, when I read something that I’ve never seen in a comic: a woman tearing her still-living grandparents to pieces for being unbelievably cheap. Kelly makes it clear in her intro that she’s gone through stages of calling them frugal or thrifty, but that it’s simply impossible to give them any more credit at this point, and then she proceeds to thoroughly document why she’s right. And boy, they do not come out looking good in here. I sampled the most disgusting example of their cheapness, but she also throws in the fact that they reuse Christmas cards, steal vegetables from community gardens, dig through dumpsters instead of going to thrift stores, read old papers discarded from a retirement home, and attend cancer survivor picnics just for the free food. Like it or not, there’s probably at least something in here for everybody to relate to about some relative or another. I loved it, but maybe that’s because all my grandparents are dead and I had no guilt about laughing through this. Some of you more sensitive souls might have a harder time. $1

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